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Now Casual

Aurora is now in casual mode. Click to read more!

Always be ready!

Be prepared before every raid!


Make sure you read the rules on Molten's forum! Click here!

The Lich King defeated!

Lich King 25 HC Defeated!
Lolicore / May 24, 2014
Aurora now Casual. Click here and here for more information!

Aurora is now established on RETAIL! Feel free to join! Read more info here!


Welcome to Aurora, a guild with outstanding reputation and perseverance on Ragnaros, Molten-WoW. We were originally a bunch of friends from various guilds(And guild-less friends) on Sargeras who transferred over to Ragnaros when the servers got upgraded to cataclysm. A lot have left but new ones have come which have kept the guild alive till today! We are mainly a PVE guild but we might PVP sometimes since many of our members do both.

Make sure you appear on time, (invites are coming out 10 mins before a raid starts), raid schedules are as follows:

  • Main run: Sunday 2 pm server time;
  • First alt run: Thursday 6 pm server time;
  • Second alt run: Tuesday 6 pm server time;
  • Main/Alt run: Saturday 2 pm server time.

All newly accepted members are required to read up on our dkp looting system found here before they join any raids, ty. Trials also have a time limit of ~3 weeks to get promoted from the rank, or be removed from the guild. (Rank named Tribune)

EVERYONE who has renamed their toons recently is obligated to report it to an officer. If I don't recognize your name upon a guild cleanup (which happens often) you will be gremoved.
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